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Theodor Edler von Lerch tells Niseko skiing



One month has passed since I moved to Niseko town in Hokkaido.

When I say Hokkaido, the image of powder snow is strong, but today it was snow which contained a lot of moisture!

So it is not a powder snow ….


Well, this theme is

“When did you get skiing in Niseko?”

Do you know when your ski has been transmitted to Niseko each time?

Actually Niseko’s ski is the most historical area compared to the Japanese skiing history.

Let’s take a closer look at it.


What is Major of the Lerch Army …?

Well what has come out here

It is “Theodore · Eddie · von Lerghi”.

Do you know “Lerch”?

It is said to be the first person to tell the ski to Japan when summarizing it in a word.

※ There are various theories but Yamagata’s Goshiki Onsen is said to be the first ski resort.



As a researcher of the Japanese Army who won the Russian Empire in the Russo-Japanese War, he came to Japan as an exchange officer on November 30, 1910. Sometimes I just had an accident at the Snow Mission in Hakkoda mountain, and the Japanese Army focused on the skiing skills of Lelch, a disciple of Alpine ski founder Matthias Tudarski. For the purpose of improving its technology, the 13th division infantry 58th regiment (13th division chief · Osami Nagaoka, 58th regiment of the infantry, Fumiji Horiuchi) in Takada (present Joetsu city) in Niigata prefecture and Takada We gave guidance at Mount Kanetani etc etc.

In 1911 (Meiji 44), on January 12 the teaching skill to 14 skiing experts, including Captain Yoshinobu Tsurumi, who used the garrison of the 58th Regiment of the Infantry, was the first to introduce full-scale skiing in Japan It is considered one step. Also on this occasion January 12 every year is said to be “day of skiing.”



Skiing developed in neighboring areas as a result of Major Lerch army handling skiing in 1911.

For example, the Nozawa Onsen in Nagano Prefecture and the ski resort in Yuzawa Town in Niigata Prefecture are symbolic.

If Major Lerch Army did not come to Takada perhaps these ski resorts were not made.

Then Major Lerch Army promoted and moved to Hokkaido Asahikawa.

From here, the relationship between Niseko (Kutchan) and Liechter will be stronger.

* From Hokkaido Lerghi was promoted so that he was Lieutenant Colonel.




Lerch is in Asahikawa?

In February 1912, visited Asahikawa city for ski instruction to Asahikawa 7th division in Hokkaido. Arrived at Kutchan Town to climb Mt. Yotei as a total finish of ski training at Hokkaido on April 15th at 21:30. Although we planned to depart at 5 am on the 16th, we postponed for Mt. Yotei on 17th, postponed for a day due to the rain, and also made a run of Mt. Yotei. Otaru Shimbun and Okutani journal accompany the Lorech clipper of Yarrow.

Https:// Theodore · Edler · von Lelgi quoted

After doing ski instruction at Asahikawa, Colonel Lelgh got to ski mountain “Mount Yotei” which was said to be Mount Fuji in Hokkaido.



Lerch climb skiing at Mt. Yotei?

Climbing winter mountain to Mt. Yotei …

I feel that the difficulty level is rather high.

I also moved to Niseko town, “Mt. Yotei gets an avalanche” “It’s difficulty”

I will listen to the story.

So it would not be wrong to climb Mt. Yotei at this time that there was considerable skill!

Let me introduce the scene where Leruhi climbs to Mt. Yotei in detail from here.

On 17th April 1912, Lieutenant Colonel Lieber departed from the inn at 6 o’clock and headed for Mt. Yotei. However, although the weather was rough, we arrived at the third tier (altitude 550 M) at 10 o’clock.

However, from the 4th grade snow and slope become strong and take off skis and drag and climb. And at 11 o’clock we arrived at the fifth half of the season but we decided to take off the ski and climb one stick because of the steep slope.

From the seventh consecutive eyes we managed to arrive at the summit on a snowstorm where we can not open our eyes. Although the weather arrived, the weather was rough, Liecht commanded Shimoyama.

This is said to climb Mt. Yotei ski for the first time in history.



Kutchan has a stone statue

And Kutchan has a stone statue on it.


img 2072 225x300 - Theodor Edler von Lerch tells niseko skiing


It is Lorch park.

It is a place that is a little away from Kutchan Station, but for those who love skiing it is a place I would like to visit once.




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line88x20 - Theodor Edler von Lerch tells niseko skiing
google - Theodor Edler von Lerch tells niseko skiing